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FRANCHISING - a business system

economia aziendale


Franchising is a business system in which a company - the franchisor - offers someone - the franchisee - the right to use its trade name and to sell its products.

The benefits of a franchise for a franchisor 353c23d is that he has to invest relatively little capital in distribution outlets. He also receives an initial payment from the franchisee and percentage of his annual profits.

The franchisee receives the shop furniture in the company style, marketing support, training and commercial advice from the franchisor. Franchisees are their own bosses and have responsibility for running the company. They also don't need to invest capital in advertising campaigns if the trading name of the franchisor's business is a well-know one.

Press file


Home depot inc.

Who? American mega - retails.

What? Decide to change their market policy.

How? Interest in small shops.

Theory: Making their stores smaller and building them in small town, they'll find new customer.

Staples inc.

Who? The office - supply superstore chain.

What? It is now launching a new store in Boston.

How? This store is not for major purchases. This is a store to satisfy an immediate need.

Theory: A growing number of consumers complain of their inconvenience (crowed parking lots and aisles and long lines at checkout desks).

People don't want to drive across town to get to the big store when they can get what they want at a small store not so far away from their apartment.

Compusa inc.

Who? One of biggest American computer store chain.

What? It is working to open the small shops.

How? This is still an experimental phase. Mega - retailers are learning they cant't just have smaller stores.

Theory: The computing needs of people in small towns is exactly the some as the computing needs of people in big markets.


VALUE: valore

LABOUR: mano d'opera

RENT: affitto

TAX: tassa

PROFIT: profitto

FACTORYOTLET: spaccio aziendale

SALE: vendita


STOCK: scorte (magazzino)

RETOLER: grossista

PURCHASE: acquisto

PRODUCT: could be transformation raw material in finish article




CONTRACT OF SALE: the document that shoe an agreement between two parts


DISCOUNT: reduction of price from the original price in percentage

FREE: gratis

TO GRANT DISCOUNT: fare lo sconto

SALES: saldi

PURCHASE: acquisto

TRADE DISCOUNT: when you buy in large quantity

CASH DISCOUNT: if I pay with cash I will have a discount

PAYMENT: when and how you pay your price


WHEN deffered payment

HOW   dilation



Cash Coins


C.a.d.: cash at delivery (pago qunado ricevo i beni)

C.w.o.: cash with order (pago quando ordino)


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