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Robinson Crusoe


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Robinson Crusoe

R.Crusoe met a handsome man, he was about 26 years old and he had a

good countenence. He had long and black hair, his forehead was large and

high; the skin wasn't black but a little brown. His face was round and full,

his nose was small, his mouth was very nice and his teeth was white.

The savage come close to Crusoe because he saw his milk. The savage put

Crusoe's foot on his head. Crusoe tought Friday to speak, his name and

that Robinson was the master. They spent all the night togheter and Crusoe

gave him some clothes. Then the savage showed him the place where two

people were buried and asks him if he wants to eat him, but Robinson


The man and the novelist

Daniel Defoe was a versatile and profilic writer. He was a middle class

dissenters and nonconformists (he refused the insitution of the churh of

England). In the Dissenting academy he studied languages, sciences, histo-

ry and divinity. He became a merchant and travelled a lot in Europe.

In politics he supported William of Orange. He was arrested and sentenced

to pillory because he wrote a pamphlet against the Anglican Church.

His business went bankrupt and so he had to write to earn a living. He

wrote, for several papers, the review was the the most important. His first

novel was Robinson Crusoe (1719) which was consider a real record of real events. Defoe wrote for the middle class, because he know very well their

tastes, interest and values. The central theme of R.Crusoe is self-reliance

which is the quality of the average man of this period.

His fiction differs from the medieval because he presents his hero as an

ordinary middle-class men. Defoe was the first English writer who introdu-

ced realism in English prose. Defoe's charaterization is not innovative be-

cause Crusoe, the central characters, is not fully developed, infact in the

course of the story he does not have any phsicological change. So the plot

doesn't change the character and then there is no chapter division.


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