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This is about the story of a black boy. Is name is Richard Wright. So the main

character is Richard Wright. He is an American story-tel1er and in this book he write about his life. This book is interesting but very difficult. I had to use the

dictionary a lot of times. Richard Wright was born Mississipi and there his family  had house, not very big. On afternoon he was boring and so he played with a broom. He put its in the f1feplace and the f1ames ate it. But not only it, all the house. He escaped outdoor and his father found him. His father beated him so hard and so long. One day his mother told him that they were going to Memphis with a boat:"The Kate Adams". In Memphis they lived in a big old house. His father worked in a drugstore at night, so in the afternoon he slept. One

afternoon a kitten was making the noise and the father said that they must kil1 it. Richard killed it but then his mother said that he mustn't do that. He' s mother pried with you and she said that he didn't' t know what he was doing. Richard repeated it. Then his father died but his mother said that they were too young to know. Then he went to a shop with money. White boys beated him twice and they stole the money. His mother said that he had to fight versus the white boys.

Infect he beat the white boys and he bought food. When he was six a black man pul1ed him into the saloon. Then the black man orded him to said stupid things. One day a man teached him to count. He learned quick numbers from 1 to

He went to school and he learned a lot of news words. A night he wrote this words on windows. When his mother knew what he had doing she orded him to

wash the windows. His mother fell ill and she took Richard and his brother to an

house where a woman took orphan. One night he escaped but he was afraid and he didn't know what do. With one policeman he returned at home. His mother

said that they will go to her sister' s house. They went to this house. Richard' s uncle, Haskins, had a saloon. One day some white men killed uncle Haskins.

They went away, to Elanie. Where they stopped theyr voyage. Richard went to

school and one day the teacher said that the war was over. A day his mother was very ill so they took her to the hospital. He had to go to his uncle Clark. He

went to school. A black boy tel1 him about a boy, now died, who lived in Clark's house, in his bed. Aunt Addie was the teacher at Richard' s school. She struck- ed him until the hand was read. At home he took a knife and he said that he would to stay alone. One day he wrote his fIfSt story .When he went to school a friend took him a newspaper to read. He went to his grandfather and he died. He wanted work. His fIfSt work was carried a big pail from one gang of black men to another. He wrote a story and he put it to a newspaper. His second job

was in the mill. He went to school and the principal graduated him. His third work was in a store. He had to fight because he took fire dollars a fight. I didn't like this book very much.


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