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We have come a long way since the stone weel, the house in the cave and the dinosaures. During the centuries a great number of events, incidents, discoveries and invention have changed the world. In your opinion which developments have made the world better and which have made it worse?

Man history is very long and complex. Our history is signed by many events, incidents, discoveries and inventions that have changed our life , our way of thinking , our uses and our traditions.

Human beings , with their great intelligence and their creative spirit pushed their curiosity too far ,so they have made wonderful discoveries and inventions.

Many of these discoveries have made the world better , they have led our world to reach full growth in all sectors : technology , science , culture and religion .

This great developments has been made possible thanks to the genius of great men like Cristoforo Colombo ,Guttemberg , Da Vinci , Marco Polo , Newton , Einstein ,Voltaire, Magellano, Galilei , Galvani, Franklein and many other.

Thanks to them we have known new land ,new technologies and new cultures.

According to me, the useful invention are the telephone, the car and the mass-media .The mass-media have made possible the communication among all world 's nations , that also means much more information and culture. The telephone is also very important it has replaced the telegraph and thanks to it people can communicate in very short time, it is necessary for people who live abroad.

According to me, the most important event is the Industrial Revolution .The Industrial Revolution has made the world better and worse. Better, because it has led the world to reach full growth but it has also brought pollution, unemployment and bad sanity conditions.

Unfortunately there are also events , inventions and discoveries that have made the world worse. They are the all kinds of weapons and atomic bombs used in the wars, especially the Second World War.

According to me even the computer has made the world because man is forgetting the art of writing and exercizing his memory.


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