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The way up to heaven - Di Roald Dahl


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The way up to heaven

Di Roald Dahl

The story is about Mrs Foster and her pathological fear of missing a train, a plane, a boat or something else. She was terrified at idea of  being late on occasion like these. Such a thought would throw her into a state of nerves, so that a tiny muscle in the c 525d38f orner of the left eye would begin to twitch. Her husband, Mr Foster, might be irritated by this foolishness of his wife and he could purposely inflict a nasty private little torture of his own on the unhappy lady. This probably was the reason of his misfortune. It happened/occurred that Mrs Foster decided to visit her daughter living in Paris. The first time to get ready putting her into a state of anxiety. Because of the fog her flight was postponed until the next morning. The following morning she was up early and ready to leave in time to catch for her flight. Mr Foster was late again. Moreover before leaving their home Mr Foster forgot a gift/present for her daughter and of course he began searching for it. Finally he decided he must have left it in his bedroom. Mrs Foster was upset but when she saw the little box he was searching for in the crack of the seat crack as though it was pushed with the help of a hand, she felt confused. But she had to tell her husband about the present. She hurried out of the car and stopped at the front door motionless, there she listened to a sound inside the house. It was too late and she decided to leave without her husband so that she could catch her plane to Paris. When she came back to New York, six weeks later, nobody met her at the airport nor came somebody to open the door. Using her own key she went into the house where she smelled a curious odour in the air. She seemed to behave as though she knew with a slight sign of satisfaction on her face she picked up the phone to call someone who could repair the lift.


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