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The butterfly and the tank


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The butterfly and the tank

The story takes place in Madrid during the siege of the city. A man, a writer who is coming back to home decides to go into an inn to drink something. The room is crowded and there is a gre 616f59g at din. When he approaches the bench a man takes out a spray gun and he begins watering the waiters until some men bring him out of the room and thump him and then come back. After a little time the man bloody returns into the room goes on in spraying on everybody. Then the same men whom hurt him block the poor man and shoot him. The police arrive soon and don't let anybody to go away except the men whom fired him. The protagonist returns the day after and he's informed by the host that the police has uncovered that inside the spray-gun there was some eau de Cologne: the poor man wanted only to joke but people misunderstood this. Moreover the police haven't found the killer yet: the writer thought that nobody would ever find the real killer. He told the host he wants to write this story: the host says that he would entitle it "The butterfly and the chariot" because the poor man in the puddle of blood seemed a butterfly. A butterfly killed by a chariot.


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