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Features of detective stories


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Features of detective stories

What is detective fiction?

It's centred around a detective's investigation of a crime which leads to the discovery of the criminal responsible.

The structure of 111h74b detective stories

Most detective stories are based on a simple formula:

a crime is committed;

an investigation is undertaken which inevitably leads to the discovery of the criminal.

A number of variations have been attempted in order to create an impression of novelty.

How is the reader involved?

The reader is engaged in the detective's attemp to solve the crime. Who committed the crime and why, how and when was the crime committed. The desire to answer these questions keeps the reader alert until the end.

The detective

He's sometimes the main character in a series of stories. Some constant features make the detective recognizable at once. These typical features usually incluse physical appearance, way of dressing, personality and method of investigation.

The detective stands above the other characters both morally and intellectually. He often express judgements on what is right or wrong and is often accompanied by a friend who fails to understand what is very clear to the detective.


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