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Wordsworth's poetry is usually associated with "nature". He lived near Lake District and the natural landscape of this region appealed strongly to his personality, and he always enjoyed close contact with nature 353c23d and countryside. Nature aroused him strong emotions and his poetic composition took place from the recollection in tranquillity of these emotions.

Wordsworth gave great importance to childhood, too. In his opinion children are closer to their divine origins as they live in an uncorrupted state.

Lyrical Ballads is Wordsworth's most important work. It's a collection of poems written by the poet himself. The preface of the second edition is very famous and important since it explains the main ideas of the Romantic poetry:

-the poems describe "incidents and situation from common life"; the poet preferred low and rustic life as it is closer to nature

-the language is simple, it's the one "really used by men"; he refused the formal poetic diction of the 18th century and replaced it with simple and unelaborated expressions

The farmers work to make a living, they call object with their own names.

They are not influenced or corrupted by society, so they are able to really appreciated nature's beauty.

-poetry is a spontaneous overflow of powerful  feelings

-poetry is the recollection of strong emotions in a state of tranquillity

-the poet is a man who is able to speak to the other men

-the poet is not a superior being but he has a more lively sensibility, more enthusiasm and tenderness

-the poet has a great knowledge of the human nature and his soul is more comprehensive than the one of the other common men


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