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Early victorian novelist. He was sent to work in a factory and this influenced his novels. He worked in legal office. He was also journalist- his pen name was "boz". All his novels are animated by a sense of injustice; he is concerned with the problems of crime and poverty. His sympathy was for poor, human suf 151c27b fering creatures.

The setting of his novels turn around countryside or provincial towns. Most of the places are those of London. The main strength of dickens' style is his humour.

Works: "Pickwick papers" a mix of comic and picaresque elements

"Oliver twist" the story of a fortunes of a boy and it gives a picture of criminal classes- humour and satire around the figure of mr. Bumble.

"hard times" explores the related themes of the inhumanity of the factory system and of the utilitarian philosophy. Around the story of gladgrind and sissy.

"bleak house" it is an exemple of his amusing but not effective satire on current abuses.

"David copperfield" is his masterpiece largely autobiographical.

Emily bronte

She was influenced by the landscape she grow up. The poem show a violent impulse to break through life's conventions. There is a great research for a free world of the spirit. She had a transcending power of imagination.

Works: "Wuthering Heights" the story take place in the sinister setting of the moors. There is a romantic exaltation of feelings and union with nature. The main figure are Mr. Earnshaw, heathcliff, catrherine. There are passion and instinct if setting in moors, and social convention if immerse in valley.

Robert louis Stevenson

One of the purest type in the literature of romantic adventures. He is at his best in adventure stories. The setting is a foggy and badly-lit London.

Works: "treasure island" this is one of his best works.

"the strange case of dr.jekyll and mr. Hyde" is a romance where Stevenson shows the duality of good and evil within the same man, is the fascinated treatment of the double personality.

Thomas hardy

He is a prosewriter and he wrote a large number of novels. Most of them show the influence of ibsen and shopenhauer. His works show therefore a deep pessimism, his character are victims of en immanent will. The background is generally the English country.

Works: "jude the obscure" a poor country man who marries arabelle.

"tess of the d'urbervilles"

oscar wilde

he belonged to the aesthetic movement and was one of the anti-victorian poets. He was a witty and brilliant man. The character say the most irrelevant and absurd things. This is wilde's tecnique of contraries.

Works: "the picture of dorian gray" exibition of extreme decadentism.

"the importance of being ernest"

"lady widermere's fan"

"an ideal husband"

"the canterville ghost"

george Bernard shaw

he was interest about socialism. He became one of members of the Fabian society. The discovering of ibsen helps him for his critic theatre.

Shaw used the theatre as a propaganda device: platform from which to declaim against the social evils of his time. This is clear in "plays unpleasant". Shaw's discipline of the superman comes from the german philosopher Nietzsche, although he had his own views. For him good would not tolerate that man should go on with his cruelty, corruption and so on, and his theme he illustrated through ever sentence of his life, from politic and social conditions and religion, to education and international affairs. For him is important the life force that is stronger in woman and it's driven by a creative will. His theatre is the play of ideas where everyone debates creating an intellectual tension. His plays are never boring. He use paradoxes and verbal puns.

Works :"pygmalion" gives a human and modern presentation of a poor little girl transformed into a lady.

"mrs warren's profession"

"cesar and cleopatra" and "st.joan" they are dramas with a vague classic quality.

Siegfried Sassoon

He was an important war poet. His military story influenced his works. His war poetry shaws both his great courage and his hatred of war. It is bitterly ironic, often meant to surprise or shock the reader. His attacks on govern, church, and high command were conveyed through a masterly use of direct speech.

Works: "glory of women"

Henry james

He was another realistic writher. He began writing novels dealing with the contrast between American (primitive, rich, self-disciplined, morally healthy) and European (sophisticated, aristocratic, hedonistic, morally unhealthy).

Works: "Roderick Hudson"

"daisy miller"

"portrait of a lady"

than he changed his style and the subject of these novels are generally human relationship, contrast between old and new world.

Joseph Conrad

Generally he wrote of the sea, of the eastern island, of the English character seen against an exotic background and with a constant psychological interest in characters.

Works: "lord jim"

"heart of darkness" is a long short story based on personal experience like many of his stales.


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