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BLAKE - The Lamb


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The Lamb


Who is the speaker?

A child

To whom is he speaking?

A lamb

What details of description of the lamb are given in the first stanza?

In lines 5-6-7: clothing of delight, softest clothing, wooly, bright, tender voice.

To whom does the pronoun "he" in the second stanza refer?

To Christ


What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?


Find examples of lines which are repeated or are similar.

What effect do the rhyme scheme and repetitions create?

Of great simplicity, like a nursery rhyme.


What are the details of the lamb's description?

Softest clothing, wooly, bright, tender voice.

What are the details of the Christ's description?

Meek and mild.

What do the words "stream", "mead" (line 4 ) and "vales" (line 8 ) bring to mind?

Biblical language.

How can we describe the vocabulary in the poem?

Biblical, childlike.

All the sentences in the first stanza are questions. Are they answered? Where?

Yes, in the second stanza.


The symbolism of the poem is based on the image of Christ and two of the names by which he is often called. What are they? Which qualities of Christ do these two names indicate?

The Lamb of God. The Son of God. His gentleness and innocence.

How do the sound and language of the poem add to its meaning?

The simplicity of form and childlike vocabulary stress the innocence and purity of the speaker, of the Lamb and Christ.

Give at least two adjectives to describe the tone of the poem.

Innocent, candid.


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