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Britain - How to travel


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How to travel:

The cheapest way is by coach. Coach routes cover most of the country. Trains are faster and more comfortable but also more expensive.

If you have an international studen 222c28c t identity card, you can buy a Student Railcard and travel on most trains at half-price. Find out also about special prices.

If you intend to travel a lot look out for unlimited travel tickets, called "Rover" tickets.

Where to stay:

The local tourist office will help you to find a room but staying in hotels can be quite expensive. Join the Youth Hostel Association and you can stay in youth hostels. Many universities and colleges offer rooms in student halls of residence.

Where to eat:

Supermarkets and many department stores sell excellent fresh food and sandwiches. Most pubs serve hot and cold food at lunch time (but you mustn't go inside a pub if you are under 18). Self-service restaurants are good value.

You can go to an Indian restaurant for a spicy curry. There are lots of take-away eating places serving Chinese, Geek, Italian, Indian and American food but the best ones are still those serving traditional British fish and chips.


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