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Bodies of the letters


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Bodies of the letters

PG 148 N. 1

Dear Sirs,

We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 02 May.

We have received your catalogue and price list, for which we thank you

We have decided to place an order for the followin 222h75c g:

N. 30 Persian Carpets mod. 131 - Mts. 1.5 x 5.3 150 each;

N. 10 Turkey Carpets mod. 138 - Mts. Two x three 180 each.

Delivery time: within 45 days on receipt of order

Delivery terms: prices are quoted C.I.F London

Transport: by ship up to London

Documents requested: Bill of Lading; Cargo insurance all risks; Certificate of Origin; Packing


Please pay special attention to packing and see that the carpets are protected in the appropriate way. If goods do not arrive in perfect condition, we will be obliged to reject them.

In the next few days we shall give instructions to our Bank for the opening of the Letter of Credit in your favour, but a pro - forma invoice is essential it to proceed.

We hope you will give our order your best attention.

We look forward to receiving your acknowledgement.

Yours faithfully,

PG 148 n. 3


We have seen your Air Conditioner at the New York Fair on 20 April.

As we have been impressed by the visit at your showroom, we have decided to place a

trial order for the followin 222h75c g:

Art. No Arctic Conditioner mod B216T - 100 pcs. US$ 400 each

Delivery terms C.I.F. Manchester

Delivery time 30 days on receipt of order

Transport: by air

Documents requested: Air Waybill; Cargo insurance all risks; Packing list.

Payment: Documents against Payment.

As can the total amount is over US$ 35,000 we hope you will grant us a 10% discount.

We hope you will give our order your best attention.

We look forward to receiving your confirmation.

Yours sincerely,


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