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Exporting to the U.S. requires great efforts and carreful planning. The U.S. Custom service examin all the exporting products and federal 424b16e agencies impose a big range of regulations and restrictions. Merchandise imported into the U.S. may be subject to:

ABSOLUTE QUOTAS that permit only limited quantity to enter for a specified period at a filled quota. The further importations are denied.

TARRIFF-RATE QUOTAS that offer a reduced rate of duty for certains quantities and higher duty rate for in excess merchandise.

To inform customers where the articles were manufactured, grown or produced they were marked with a label that include the manufacturer's name, the country of origin, fiber content of the garment and also care manteinance. Wool ,fur and fabric products are subject to various labeling regulations. Only companies that have been granted at ATF (bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms) are allowed to import alcoholic beverages. Fodd, drug and cosmetic articles are examined for purity, safety, their impact on human healt but especially to chek that labeling complies with regulations. In fact the importers have much responsability to comply with all regulations because errors may have disastrous consequences.


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