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Cujo by Stephen King


Cujo by Stephen King

Cujo is so well-paced and scary that people tend to read it quickly, so they mostly remember the scene of the mother and son trapped in the hot Pinto and threatened by the rabid Cujo, forgetting the mult 858c29i ifaceted story in which that scene is embedded. This is definitely a novel that rewards

re-reading. When you read it again, you can pay more attention to the theme of country folk vs. city folk; the parallel marriage conflicts of the Cambers vs. the Trentons; the poignancy of the amiable St. Bernard (yes, the breed choice is just right) infected by a brain-destroying virus that makes it into a monster; and the way the "daylight burial" of the failed ad campaign is reflected in the sunlit Pinto that becomes a coffin.

And how significant it is that this horror tale is not supernatural: it's as real as junk food, a failing marriage, a broken-down car, or a fatal virus.

Cujo is an excellent novel written by stephen King and I would recommended every one to read it sometime in their life, because you never know what horror might be written on the next page. Some say it's most heart-squeezing novel that Stephen King has ever written. The novel Cujo is a very intresting peice of literature; it makes the reader imagine what else could possibly happen in life, not just the nice pretty things.

I have read many books by Mr. King, but after a second read I think this has surpassed the Shining as my favorite. "He builds up the suspense, holds back the dynamite until you're screaming for it, and then lets you have it."  

-Minneapolis Tribune"-

It grabs you and holds you and won't let go...excruciating suspense...a genuine page-turner." 

-Chattanooga Times -

The story that is as grisly as Carrie and as ominous as the Shining. Once again Stephen king brings terror ans suspense with Cujo the killer dog.

- From the Publisher -


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