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The British Isles


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The British Isles

Great Britain


The landscape of Britain is quite varied: it has chains of mountains and hilly and flat areas:

The North West Highlands

The Grampian Mountains

The Southern Uplands

The Cheviot Hills

The Cumbrian Mountains

The Pennine Chain

The Cambrian Mountains

The rivers in Britain are not long and they are mostly navigable:

The Thames

The Severn

Other the rivers are: the Humber, the Mersey, the Clyde and the Forth in Scotland.

The British lakes are:

The Lake District in the northwest of England

In Scotland, lakes are called lochs and there are:

Loch Ness

Loch Lamond

The seas are:

The North Sea separates Great Britain from Norway

The English Channel separates the main island from the continent

The Irish Sea divides Britain from Ireland

The smaller islands

Isle of Man in the Irish Sea

Isle of Wight in the English Channel

The archipelagos lie off the coasts of Scotland:

The Hebrides

The Orkneys

The Shetlands

The climate of the British Isles is determined by the latitude and by the sea, and it is a maritime climate characterized by frequent winds and variability.

The United Kingdom consist of:




Northern Ireland

Each region is divided into counties, the largest units of local government.


Has 46 counties

The capital city is Cardiff

England is the largest, most populated and industrialized of the lands that make up the United Kingdom.

The south-west peninsula that stretches into the English Channel is called Cornwall, which is one of the most popular holiday regions thanks to its warm climate and magnificent coastline. South-east of London there is Kent, dubbed the Garden of England.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and the heart of its history, art, business and trade. It is situated on the river Thames, and it is one of the largest cities and  ports in the world.


Has 13 counties

The capital city is Cardiff

The present population of Wales is about 3 million. Majority of population live in the south or along the coast.

The main language of Wales is English but a growing number of people speak Welsh, a language of Celtic origin.


Has 33 counties

The capital city is Edinburgh

The Romans never managed to conquer Scotland, which was populated by Celtic tribes. The Emperor Hadrian built a wall to mark the border between Roman territories and the lands beyond.

In many ways Scotland is still a separate nation with its own law, stamps, banknotes, music, games, food and drink.

In the Highlands there are high mountains, deep valleys, fast rivers and picturesque lakes.

Northern Ireland or Ulster

Has 6 counties

The capital city is Belfast

Ulster occupies the north-eastern part of Ireland and is separated from Britain of the North Channel and the Irish Sea. Its central area is a surrounding a lake, Lough Neagh, the largest lake of the United Kingdom. Like the rest of Ireland, Ulster has a rainy climate, made warmer by the influence of Gulf Stream.

The population of the United Kingdom is approximately 60 million people, the 15th largest in the world.


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