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Universitą degli Studi di Brescia - Facoltą di Economia 

INGLESE INTERMEDIO - PROVA SCRITTA DEL 5/3/03 - TEMPO 50 MINUTI  Choose the right option for each gap in the article 

A computer hacker has gained access to more [1] five million Visa and Mastercard credit card accounts in the US. The two companies say that [2] of the information obtained, which would include credit card numbers, [3] in a fraudulent way. Visa and Mastercard said the hacker [4] the security system of a company that processes credit card transactions [5] behalf of merchants. Numbers of credit cards can be used to [6] payments, such [7] buying plane tickets or hiring cars. More than 560 million Visa and Mastercard cards circulate in [8] US. Both companies said they [9] informed the affected banks that issued the cards. "Visa's fraud team immediately notified [10] affected financial institutions, and is working to protect [11] the threat of a future intrusion," the company said in a statement. The firms are [12] working with US law officials. [13] Visa and Mastercard operate zero responsibility policies, which protect card holders from [14] to pay [15] any unauthorised or fraudulent charges.

1.[a] of [b] that [c] than [d] by 

2.[a] none [b] no [c] nothing [d] no

3.[a] used [b] uses [c] using [d] was used

4.[a] 838h72i broke [b] brake [c] break [d] broken  

5.[a] for [b] on [c] to [d] in 

6.[a] made [b] do [c] make [d] effect

7.[a] like [b] is [c] -- [d] as 

8.[a] -- [b] the [c] country [d] most

9.[a] did [b] had [c] were

[d] will have 

10.[a] an [b] a [c] every [d] all 

11.[a] over [b] for [c] against [d] on 

12.[a] also [b] too [c] besides [d] as well

13.[a] And [b] Both [c] The [d] A 

14.[a] 838h72i have [b] must [c] having [d] need

15.[a] for [b] from [c] to [d] over

Choose the best answer to each question (based on the article above)

Which of the following can be purchased by credit card?

[a] flights [b] banks [c] security [d] accounts

If a card is stolen, the holder...

[a] has to pay  [b] does not pay [c] pays later [d] gets a bill

Visa's fraud team immediately notified...

[a] card holders [b] issuing banks [c] law officials [d] the hacker

How many accounts did the hacker gain access to?

[a] > 5 million [b] 560 million [c] < 5 million [d] > 560 million

Visa's fraud team...

[a] can do nothing [b] is at work [c] are law officials [d] is a threat 




Choose the right word for each definition

A company that sells raw materials to another company.

[a] provider [b] giver [c] sponsor [d] supplier

A person or firm you go to when you need legal advice.

[a] consultant [b] informer [c] lawyer [d] advocate

The secret of success in the marketplace.

[a] concurrence [b] opposition [c] competition [d] benefit

When an employee earns too little, he asks for a...

[a] pay rise [b] bigger pay  [c] more pay [d] pay up

The price of a commodity is given by the balance between.

[a] supply/demand [b] request/demand [c] offer/supply [d] supply/request 

Choose the right option for each gap

If I had had more time, I [26] to you at once.

[a] would speak [b] had spoken [c] would have spoken [d] spoke

He lost his keys as he [27] in the park.

[a] was running [b] has run [c] had run [d] running

Ben Merton, [28] was at college with me, has just been promoted.

[a] that   [b] whose [c] he  [d] who

I think we should [29] the train at the next station.

[a] go down [b] descend [c] get off [d] jump out

We [30] to leave now: there's another flight in two hours.

[a] mustn't  [b] don't must [c] haven't  [d] don't have

Write the questions for the following answers. (2 marks each)

Hold the line please, I'll put you through.

They make clothes in Europe

Yes he has. He's been there three times.

I'm sorry, but we only accept cash.  

At quarter to nine.

ANSWERS:1.c 2a 3d 4a 5b 6c 7d 8b 9b 10d 11c 12a 13b 14c 15a 16a 17b 18b 19a 20b 21d 22c 23c 24a 25a 26c 27a 28d 29c 30d

Please could I speak to Mr Black?

Where do they make clothes?

Has John ever been to Scotland?

Can I pay by credit-card?

When does the lesson start? / What time does the train leave?


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