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The Bronte sisters: JANE EYRE


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The Bronte sisters: JANE EYRE

Jane Eyre is a young orphan who lives with a cold-hearted aunt and her hostile cousins. One day, after and argument with one of them, her aunt sends her to Lowood charity school, where the discipline is very strict and the girls suffer from cold and hunger. Jane is intelligent and soon comes to love learning. After ei 656d35g ght years she becomes a teacher at Lowood, but her independent spirit and wish for new experiences lead her to advertise for a job as a governess. She finds a place at the household of Mr Rochester, at Thornfield Hall, and here she has to look after AdelŔ, a little French girl who is Mr Rochester's adopted daughter. There is something mysterious in the household: sometimes they hear strange laughter coming from the attic; one night Mr Rochester's room is found on fire, and another night a man is mysteriously wounded. Jane soon begins feel attracted to Mr Rochester, a moody and mysterious man, who is impressed by her sharp wit and resolute spirit, but he seems to be about to merry Blanche Ingram, the beautiful neighbour. Jane is called to the home of her aunt, who is close to death, and during her absence he realises that he loves her; so when Janeá returns to Thornfield, Rochester asks her to marry him. Jane accepts, but during the night before the wedding she is visited by a strange woman, and the next morning she relates the episode to her future husband. But a local attorney, Mr. Briggs, interrupt the ceremony by revealing that Rochester already has a wife: Bertha Mason, Mason's sister, a lunatic who is kept in the attic in Thornfield. Rochester confesses his past misdeeds to Jane. In his youth he needed to marry the wealthy Bertha for money, but was unaware of her family's history of madness, and over time she became an incorrigible, dangerous part of his life which only imprisonment could solve. Despite his protests that he loves Jane, she cannot agree to marry him because of his previous marriage, and leaves Thornfield.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS Wuthering Heights is a novel that is told in a series of narratives, which are themselves told to the narrator, a gentleman named Lockwood. Lockwood rents a fine house and park called Thrushcross Grange in Yorkshire, and gradually learns more and more about the histories of two local families from a housekeeper, Ellen Dean, who had been with one of the two families for all of her life:á In around 1760, a gentleman-farmer named Earnshaw went from his farm, Wuthering Heights, to Liverpool on a business trip. Here he found a little boy that pict up with him; he named the boy Heathcliff, treats him with affection and considers him one of his children. All the other members of the household were opposed to the introduction of a strange boy, except for Catherine, who was a little younger than Heathcliff and became fast friends with him. Hindley in particular felt as though Heathcliff had supplanted his place, although he was several years older, and the true son and heir, he also bullied Heathcliff when he could. When his mother died, Hindley was sent away to college and when he returned, now around twenty years old used his new power to reduce Heathcliff to the level of a servant.


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