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Rail development started in the 19th century in Britain and soon developed in all over Europe. In the first half of 20th century, a lot of people use this kind of mean, but after the second world war tourist traffic by train decreased. All this were happened because people use to rent cars and they travelled by plain.

In the last years, railway traf 757d36h fic declined and for this reason the European Union is proposing to  increase the quality of railway system.

We can have two types of night trains: sleepers and couchettes.

Sleepers can accommodates from 1 to 3 people and it can have a washstand, hot and cold water, linen and towels.

Couchettes can accommodate up to 6 people with no distinction by sex. It are open bunks in a compartment, each with a pillow and blanket. Sleepers and couchettes must be booked in advance.

The most important passes to travel in Europe by train are: Eurail and Inter Rail.

Eurail is a pass for people who don't have residence in Europe, Africa, Turkey and in the Soviet Union. It offers possibilities for travelling by train in Europe in 18 countries. Travellers can buy this pass at travel agencies, online or in Europe but its price is higher.

Inter Rail travel in 29 countries. This kind of pass aim to offer young backpackers a cheap way of visiting Europe and the neighbouring countries. This passes can be booked in an internet site, where people can have other informations.

Couch travelling is generally slower and more uncomfortable than going by train. We know 3 companies: National express that operates in Britain and offers different services and Greyhound corporation that operates in USA. Euroline operates in all over Europe. The fares are cheap with no hidden extras. The coaches has reclining seats, large windows, washroom facilities and legroom.

Luxury coaches are liked by older clients that search a great number of facilities such as toilets, fidges, air conditioning, video and so on.

Car rental is one of the best ways to get around Europe, because you can go where you want. But in cities, a rented car can be expensive and not very useful. For this reason, its better to rent a car when you want to travel outside.

A popular and not expensive way to drive is fly and drive that includes air travel and car rental.


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