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Thank you very much for your inquiry. We are pleased that you have chosen our agency for your holiday.

We have selected for your client the Grande Quercia farm that offers everything you need in a beautiful surrounding.

Tuscany is one of the most picturesque regions of Italy and it is a loved destination.

It is the site of unspoilt sea, vineyards, beaches, green hills, medieval cities with historical buildings.

The Grande Quercia is a modern resort centre well equipped both for winter as well for summer holidays. It lies in a sunny valley surrounded by mountains. It enjoys a pleasant climate in all season.

Its landscape offers quiet rural scene, lush meadows, sparkling lakes.

Above all people can find country fresh food typical of natural Tuscany cuisine (that is famous all over the world). The Grande Quercia provides special dishes prepared by organic mineral cultivation without using chemical substance, in addiction it can offers delicious wines by its distinguished cellar. Breakfast and meals are served, in summer, on the rooftop restaurant and, in winter, in a comfortable restaurant overlooking the peaceful scenery of cypress trees.

The receiving employees can also help the guests to prepare tasteful tomato sauces, honey or to pick up fruit and vegetables. Guests will be have the opportunity to learn old art as wrought iron and woodwork.

The Grande Quercia offers a well planned holiday programme for tourists. The sports to practise are tennis, riding, swimming, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

The Grande Quercia farm organized also excursions in the surrounding for guests do not like sports and if they like doing shopping near this farmhouse, about 10 minutes by drive, they can find any kind of shops. There are the most important sport shops and they can buy any kind of souvenirs.

Guests can chose bed and breakfast, half board or full board. For your party we can make the following proposals for a 10 day-stay:

B&B 35 per person per day; HB 45 per person per day; FB 55 per person per day; all inclusive.

The price does not include: flight; transfer to and from the airport; drinks.

Our condition of payment are as follows:

-10 % of the total amount when a definite booking is made;

-the rest, a week before the arrival of the group.

We have also a special offer, made by the Grande Quercia farm, that provide for 2 free every 10 people, but is valid only for the booking before the 20th April.

Suggesting you to do the reservation as soon as possible, we enclose a brochure of the farm with full details, a map of the zone and the preventive for your stay with and without the offer.

Anyway we guarantee to you that this kind of holiday combines a taste nature with the valour of money and could receive a very friendly welcoming.

Thanking you again for your inquiry, we look forward to receiving your booking.


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