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Compare the problems of integration in the USA and the UK with Italy


Project Work ex 22 page 347

Compare the problems of integration in the USA and the UK with Italy. Has Italy treated its immigrants well? What problems have there been

The migration is the arrival of foreign people in a country. I think all the developed coun 454c21e tries had migration, but in different periods of time.

The USA migration is the biggest one, I think, this country has been made by immigrants. Everybody in the world says the USA is a place where all the nationalities meet. American immigration started in 17th century with the first English settles and went on until 1920s by all kinds of population such as British, Jewish, Irish etc. Nowadays there isn't a lot of migration to America because the government have made a lot of acts to stop it.

British migration took place in the 1950s and 1960s by people from Britain' ex colonies who came to the UK to find work. At the present there still is migration to the UK but from eastern European countries and war-torn areas like the former Yugoslavia.

Italy has been a country where people was immigrated and from where before Italians migrated to other countries. Differently from British or Americans, you can find Italians all over the world. After the WWII Italians immigrated to the Usa to find work. They had no money and no help from anybody over there, but a lot of them worked hard and made something in their life, such ad having their own shop or restaurant.

Today we have the contrary effect, because people from eastern countries immigrates to Italy, but they are helped more than us.

I think there are a couple of differences between the immigration in the USA and the immigration in Britain and in Italy. 

The United States had the biggest immigration in the 1920s and over these years, when British and Italians where migrating. Than British had migration from 1950s until now, but with different kinds of population and Italy just start now to have immigration, because its started in the 1980s and 1990s.

I think, this is the biggest difference between these three big countries.


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