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Aviation Glossary

traffico aereo


Reynolds Wrap for manufacturing aircraft wings.


Speed of an airplane. Deduct 25% when listening to a Navy pilot.

Angle of Attack:

Pick-up lines that pilots use.

Arresting Gear:

A Policeman's equipment.


The folks who hold the lien on most pilots' cars.

Barrel Roll:

Sport enjoyed at squadron picnics, usually after the barrels are empty.

Carburetor Icing:

A phenomenon happening to Aero club pilots at exactly the same time they run out of gas.

Cone of Confusion:

An area about the size of New Jersey located near the final approach beacon at an airport.


The squadron Operations Officer.

Dead Reckoning:

You reckon correctly, or you are.

Engine Failure:

A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks become filled with air.


Section of the aircraft specially designed to let heat and smoke enter the cockpit.

Glide Distance:

Half the distance from an airplane to the nearest emergency landing field.


An airplane designed to land on a wet runway, 20,000 feet long.


A method of flying by needle and ripcord.

Lean Mixture:

Non-alcoholic beer.


Word used by student pilots and Yankees when referring to the engine.


Time delay built into the stall warning system.

Parasitic Drag:

A pilot who bums a ride back and complains about the service.


Usually about 30 miles beyond the point where all fuel tanks fill with air.

Rich Mixture:

What you order at the other guy's promotion party.


Used when you're not sure what else to say.


The first design priority for a fully loaded KC-135A.

Service Ceiling:

Altitude at which cabin crews can serve drinks.


The Federal Aviation Administration.


Technique used to explain to the bank why your car payment is late.

Steep Bank:

Banks that charge pilots more than 10% interest.


What a clock sounds like when it needs fixing.

Tail Wind:

Results from eating beans, often causing Oxygen deficiency in the immediate vicinity.

Turn & Bank Indicator:

An instrument highly ignored by pilots.

Useful Load:

Volumetric capacity of the aircraft, disregarding weight of cargo.


A chant used by pilots taking off from Colorado Springs, who want to discover the meaning of life.


Radio navigation aid, named after the VORtex effect of pilots trying to home in on it.


Socks that need darning.


Any pilot that asks Houston tower to "Say again".


Style and artistry points earned for a gear-up landing.


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