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Esercit lun 10-11 + mercoledė 14-17

1.Test scritto come Cambridge

Reading comprehension

Feeling gaps verbs


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free conversation

conversation about the matter of the course.

Last year: a brochure to advertise your native town. Personale work in the course: add something to the result of the exam. Ne parla dopo pasqua. 15 giorni x farlo.

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Tourism: XVIII century

In the past peop 111j98b le, like Egyptians, travelled for different reasons:

  • For trading
  • To conquer new lands
  • To go to religious festival

Greeks also travel for pleasure. They had colonies in Sicily, for example Siracusa and Agrigento were founded by Greeks. They travelled to enlarge their empire. 

Romans also went to UK until the Hadrian's Wall.

The Romans were the first who moved from Rome to go to their country's houses, to the Riviera.

Romans strarted to move in the summer and to have a second house.

The middle age was a dark period, also in italy.

However, during the middle ages, there were important events that influenced the way to travel.

There were so called "crused" that made European people travel to different countries of the middle east. They had to meet different people: religion, language, way of fainting.

In the renaissance, because all poets, artist, painters moved from a place to another. They were called in courts to paint and to decorate the Royal houses.

Some Italian artists were called at the court of France or England. Other people started to move form a place to another: the bankers. English kings borrowed money form bankers of Florence.

In travelling, the industrial revolution where the transfer of people from the country to the town.

The families of the new class, the middle class, sent their soon abroad to wide and improve their education.

It was in those times that the, so called, Grand tour started (from 1-4 months to 3-4 years).

Young gentlemen of English aristocracy and middle class went to France, Germany and Italy.

The grand tour can be considered the first form of tourism because young people accompanied by tutor of servant.

The tutors accompanied the young gentlemen because they must have some qualifications.

They could help the young gentlemen to need important people of the foreign country.

They attended the monastery to improve their education. The young gentlemen had to keep a diary. In this way, when they came back home they could remember what they visited. The gran tour was only for rich people, not for common people. It took some years when people go on holiday.

Travel for leisure and pleasure at first meant families could go outdoors just for a day.

In the XX century, tourism itself started and in the course of XX century, tourism became very specialized.

There are different form of tourism: ecoturism, adventure tourism. Every one can choose the holiday he wants.


Egyptians + Greeks + Romans = travel for trading, to conquer lands.

Sicily for romans was the granary of Rome because sicily is rich for production of corn.

In the course of years, people went on travelling. But the reasons were different.

In the middle age, they started to travel for religion reasons.

Thomas becky was a martyr, very important in defence of faith in England.

Tourism: nowadays= for pleasure and leisure; business; health reason.


Spanish had a very big ships that couldn't avoid the attacks of the slim English ships. XVIII century began the british empire: with Queen Victoria at the top. Brithish Empire conquer the north America. The dramatic traffic of slaves began. They took some prisoners from Africa to America and sold them as slaves. The north America continent was important for cotton and tobacco. English and American people had big cotton and coffee plantations but white people didn't work the land. Black children were took far from the parents: they lived miserable conditions.

At the end of the XVIII century the American colonies started revolution because they thought "no taxation  no representation". American decided not to pay the taxes very long. America became an independent nation. The 4th July there is an important celebration in America: the independence day.

Britain also conquer the New Zeeland and Australia: Australia was used after its discovery as a place where English who committed a crime were sent . there was a very hard life. When English arrived in Australia, they didn't find anything. They had to look to food. Beside, they weren't free. They were controlled. Some of the prisoners died. The slang were the first inhabitants of Australia together with the aborigines of the place: Maori.

In the IX century, the British empire enlarged a lot. Queen Victoria became, was crowned, empress of India. The conquer of this new country made the British richer than before.

The Uk was the first country in the world to have an industrial revolution. The cloths were sold to the people of the colonies so a lot of English ships moved from one part to another of the empire. When they came back, they took spices, tea.. a lot of British countrymen became rich.

Unfortunately, in the Uk all the colonies wanted to become independent (after the world wsr II).

For example, India was part of the British empire. It had the independence without war. Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned. He couldn't go around because English didn't want that he spread his ideas.

The commonwealth was born: it is an association of independent countries. In the countries of the commonwealth, there is the free trade of goods. The head of the commonwealth was the queen Elizabeth II.

Canada didn't have a president but it is a constitutional monarchy. The primer ministry had more power than the king. The Canada was the fist t.o. in the great Britain. "Took agency" are nowadays a group of agency,


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