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BASIL HALLWARD: he is a painter with black hair and a strong face. He has an tellectual expression and he thinks Henry's cynism is only a pose.

LORD HENRY WOTTON: he smoke a lot of cigarettes. He is married and cynical. Henry talks a lot and has a beautiful, musical voice. He knows when to speak and wheb to be silent. He is a tall young man. He has witty and brilliant conversation and his listeners never grow tired of listening him. He is always late. He has a web on Dorian. He has 17 photographs of Dorian.

DORIAN GRAY: he is a beautiful young man who has delicate features, fair hair and looks like made of ivory and rose leaves. At first he is a simple and beautful person. He was wonderfully handsome, with scarlet lips, honest blue eyes and golden hair. His face has the purity and the candour of youth that inspired trust.

LORD GEORGE FERMOR: Henry's uncle. He is a bachelor.

SIBYL VANE: she is an actress. She is not yet seventeen years old, witha a face like flower, dark brown hair and passionate violet eyes. Every night she acts in 838c27i different place and she is always wonderful. She lives with her mother, a tired actress and with her brother James who left for Australia. It is a very poor family.

ALAN CAMPBELL: was an extremely intelligent young man. Science was his passion and he a chemistry laboratory of his own. He was an excellent musician, too. They had been inseparable for eighteen months. Then suddenly they scarcely spoke when they met and Alan had become sad and uninterested in music, but nobody knows what had happened between the two men. He killed himself.

DORIAN'S PARENTS: He is Lord kelso's grandson and his mother is Lady Margaret Devereux, an extraordinarily beautiful girl who ran away from home to marry a penniless soldier. He was killed in a duel with lord Kelso few months later. Margaret died soon after Dorian's birth an he will inherit all his grandfather's money. Dorian was left to solitude and the tyrrany of an old man.

DORIAN & SIBYL: Dorian met her one evening when he found a small, vulgar and terrible theatre while he was walking in filthy streets o the East End. He paid for a box to see Romeo and Juliet. Three night after that they first speak. Dorian loves her because there is something of a child in her. She called him Prince Charming. When Dorian was with Sibyl he forget Henry and his theories. He loves her when she acts. He loved her because she was marvellous, she had a genius and intellect. One day she changed and Dorian saw her shallow and stupid. She had killed his love so he left her with cruelty. So sibyl killed herself swallowing some poison.


Henry is often referred to as Harry in the novel, and Old Harry is a familiar name for the devil in England. His name has strong diabolic connotation.

Dorian is the name given to the Hellenic People who were renowned for their ideals of classical beauty.

Sybil is the name of mythological characters. They were prophetess and priestess.


"...Beauty ends where an intellectual expression begins."

"...In marriage secrets are absolutely necessary..."

"...I believe that the aim of life is self-development: to ralise one's nature perfectly..."

"...Every impulse we try to kill broods in our mind and poisons us..."

"...The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yeld to it..."

"...nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul"

"...No woman is a genius. Women are only a decorative sex. They never have anithing to say, but they say it charmingly..."

"...Plesaure is the only thing . When we are happy we are always good, but when we are good, we are not always happy..."

"...a good dinner is more important than good morals..."

"...Each of us has Heaven and Hell in him..."

"...Anybody can be good in the country, there are no temptation there..."


Basil's feelings for Dorian he likes immensely Dorian, so much that he doesn't want to tell is name because he seems like losing a part of him. He doesn't want that Henry meet Dorian because he is afraid to lose him and that Henry can influence him. Basil doesn't want to exhibith the picture because in his opinion every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. So he was afraid that it shows the secret of his heart. Basil met Dorian two months before at Lady Brandon's party. He immediately understood that he had met someone whose personality  could influence his soul and art. So Lady Brandon intoduced Dorian to him and every day they met eachother. Dorian is absolutely necessary for Basil, he is happy only when he can see Dorian. He is all his art and inspiration for Basil, but Dorian knows nothing of Basil's adoration. Dorian's personality dominate Basil. When Dorian fell in love with Sibyl he felt that Dorian would never be to him all that he had been in the past and he felt he had grown years older. On the 19th of november, the day before his 38 birthday he was walking home at about 11 o'clock from Henry when he met Basil who was going to Paris on the midnight train. They went into the house to speak. Basil tried to warn dorian about the scandal and rumours because every person who met Dorian made a bad end like death, suicide, ruined reputation. Dorian corrupted everyone he met. Basil wanted to see his soul so Dorian showed him the picture that was disfigured like the face of a satyr with the eyes of a devil. Suddenly an uncontollable feeling of hatred for basi came over him. He saw a knife on a cupboard and stabbed him in the neck again and again. After that Dorian felt calm and left the room. Then hide the clothes and the bag. Unfeelingly and lucidily he plans his alibi.

Henry influence to Dorian: While Basil is painting, Henry talks a lot and has a beautiful, musical voice. Dorian is fascinated from him and his words touched a secret chord in Dorian. Henry embodies the devil, the tempter, the seducer. He begins to understand things about himself that he has never understood before. He likes Henry but for some reason he felt afraid of him. When Henry speaks Dorian esperienced a new emotion. Nenry makes profoundly changes in Dorian's self-image and personality. When he sees the picture, the sense of his own beauty came to him like a revelation and he remembers the words of Henry. So he express the desire that he stay young and the picture grow old. He can give his soul for that desire. He wants to kill himself when he finds he is growing old. He loves the picture. Henry filled Dorian with a wild desire to knoweveryhing about life. He has a passion for sensation. Henry represented all the sins you have never had courage to commit. Henry send a book about a young Parisian who spent his life seraching for and enjoing all sosts of passion and pleasures. Dorian was fascinated by it because it seemed to him contain the story of his own life, written before he had lived it.

Year after year the couriosity about life increased with the corruption of his own soul. He entertained fashionable people at his beautiful home in very perfect ambience of embroidered clothes, exotic flowers and music. Dorian's clothes and style influenced the young man of London. After his 25 years rumours began circulating about him. On the 19th of november, the day before his 38 birthday he was walking home at about 11 o'clock from Henry when he met Basil who was going to Paris on the midnight train. They went into the house to speak. Basil tried to warn dorian about the scandal and rumours because every person who met Dorian made a bad end like death, suicide, ruined reputation.

Henry's idea of the beauty: beauty is a form of Genius. It is ione of the great facts of the world, like sunlight or springtime. But beauty will not last forever because when your youth goes your beauty will go with it. So he suggest Dorian to live the life and be afraid of nothing. We degenerate into hideous puppets tormented by the pssions and temptations we were afraid to yield to. There is noyhing in the world but youth.

Henry's web : he  could do anything he wanted with Dorian. He would try to dominate his spirit. Indeed, he had already done so. He would make that wonderful spirit his own.

The picture: when he had made the wish that he might remain young and the piture should grow old and ugly in Basil's studio he made like an agreement with the devil. He sold his soul to the devil. The face on the canvas reflect his passions and sins. It held the secret of his life and told his story. It was the mirror of his conscience. Dorian could not feel hearthless after Sibyl death. He decided to use the magic mirror of his soul, the picture, to have eternal youth, infinite passions, secret pleasures, wild joys and wilder sins. Time didn't touch Dorian. Every person who met Dorian made a bad end like death, suicide, ruined reputation. Dorian corrupted everyone he met. He became an aesthete. Dorian became cold and cruel.

Dorian's life seems to be a continuous rapid descent down the spiral of perdition. Basil's murder is the inevitable conclusion of Dorian's inner conflict. Basil represents his conscience and Dorian wants to repress it.

He had kept his youth and beauty , but he had paid a terrible price. The death of s own soul tormented him.


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