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Henry VII come to the thron in 1485.

It was a time of transition from the medieval to the modern world. The TUDORS Ruled England. England enjoied a period of peace and prosperity under th 323c24d e TUDORS.

It was a time of trade and expansion. Great trading companies, such-us the east Indian company were established.

New products such-us tobacco and potatos were introduced to England from America. Sir Francis Droke was the first Englishman to sail around the world.

He was one of the famous Elisabeth than seadogs who attacked Spanish ships and colonies.

New colonies were set up, upon wich England colonial power based over the following centirues.

In this period church lost much of its wealt and its land passed to the nobles and gentry the had fine new hauses built for them in the country.

Important invention such-us printing and gunpowder were about to change the way society worked.

Since and art developed so rapidly tha the age became know as the REINAISSANCE the middle classes were cultured and their sons studied eatin and greek

Parlament now had two hauses: THE HOUSE OF LORD, made up of members fo the aristocrazy and church, and THE HOUSE OF COMMONS with representative from the new merchant class and smoller landowners.


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