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Mark was an eleven-years-old boy. His home was a trailer in a trailer park in Memphis, Tennessee. His mom, Dianne, left his husband five years ago because he was always drunk and often violent. Mark took had a brother too, his name was Ricky.

One day the two boys walked down a narrow path into the trees behind their home for smoke some cigarettes. After a while they heard something: it was a long, black car. Into there was a man, he put one end of a rubber tube into the tail pipe of the car, and the other end through the window, than he started the engine. Mark pulled away the tube, suddenly the man got out with a bottle of whisky and a gun. They went into the car and the man told Mark that he was Jerome Clifford and he want to kill himself, because he was a lawyer of the member of the Mafia and a his client had hidden a body in his house. In the meantime, when the man was sleeping he run at home and called the 911 and told that on the 131d36b old road there was a dead person, he had shot himself.

Ricky became SICK, so Dianna and Mark brought him to the hospital, than the boy met a cop. He said that the police have found the body.

There were a lot of PEOPLE, who was interested to this death.

The client of the dead lawyer was Barry the Blade, he killed a senator, the body that was hidden in the Jerome Clifford's house, so he frightened him and now he was dead.

Roy Foltrigg was a US government lawyer, he had to discover the enigma.

Sick Moeller or Alfred was a crime reporter and he often knew about a crime before the cops.

Two detectives of FBI controlled this case, Jason McThune and Larry Trumann. They knew someone had been in the car because there were fingerprints on the whisky bottle.

Mark was worried about his brother.

In the meantime Roy Foltrigg MET the agents of the FBI. They told him what was happened and two other things. The first was that Ricky had been shocked and that Mark hid something, and the second was about a piece of paper, those told his secretary what to do after his death but at the end was written something like "Mark, Mark where are." it can't read the rest. They thought that Mark knew something he didn't need to know.

Mark, his mother and the DOCTOR Greenway were in the Ricky's room and they were worried about him. The Dr had never see a similar case. Than the mother took a newspaper and showed what was happened and asked Mark to tell her the truth but he went away, because he was afraid to become like his brother.

He went to find the LAWYER. He went in the in the lawyer's office of Reggie Love. He was received by young man with a tie, who asked the boy what was happened and why he served a lawyer.

REGGIE Love was fifty-two years old woman with grey and shot hair, green eyes and black glasses. Her dress was black too. She asked him who was he and his story. At the beginning Mark was afraid to tell the story, but then he told everything except the place, where the body had been hidden. Then they went to the hospital for the meeting with the FBI.

They were ten minutes late for the meeting, but she wanted to do something first: tie a RECORDER to Mark's waist. Then Mark went in the room 28, where Foltrigg, Trumann and McThune were sitting and looking serious. The boy was a little bit nervous and the policemen insisted to ask him the story. The boy didn't answer and then he went to the bathroom.

Reggie Love went in, she said she was Mark's lawyer. She was angry, because they tried to question him without his mother present, they told him he didn't need a lawyer, they didn't tell him his rights and said him he might go to prison.

Barry went  to his uncle JOHNNY GRONKE, a member of the Mafia in New Orleans, and he told to him what was happened and said that he need to send a killer to Memphis for the two boys.

Mark was in LIFTof the hospital and at eighth floor the lift stopped and a man stepped in. The door closed and the man (Gronke) grabbed Mark with a knife. The man said that Mark didn't tell to anyone what Clifford had told to him and if he repeat a single word of it the man would killed Mark and his family. Mark met his Lawyer but he didn't tell her what was happened.

When Reggie and Mark returned to the hospital there were REPORTERS everywhere but they refused to talk with them. Mark could spend the night at Reggie's house. 

Mark was in bed and he was worried about Mom and Ricky. He got up and stood at the window: he noticed a small red light, a cigarette, someone was watching the house.

The next day Mark went to the hospital. He saw a cop, who told him that their TRAILER burned down last night. He thought that it could be a message from Gronke, the man of the other night.

Foltrigg knew that Mark was in danger, so he talked with Harry Roosevelt, the judge for the children. The judge decided to take Mark into custody.

So Mark went in the childrenPRISON. When Mark arrived he called a pizza restaurant and he and he asked to send forty pizzas for a surprise party in the police station.

GRONKE CALLED the Blade and said that he wouldn't kill Mark. The FBI intercepted the call.

Mark decided that, if he wanted to protect his family, he must lie in court.

Everyone was shocked of the RECORDING of the phone conversation and Reggie was frightened when she heard the Blade would kill her.

Mark went back in prison room. But he would go away so he lay on the floor and he was taken to the hospital. Mark thought that, if they wanted to be safe, they needed to go to New Orleans.

When Mark run away, everybody was looking for him.

Mark said to Reggie that they have to find the Clifford'sHOUSE, because the Senator's body was there, under his boat in the garage.

When they arrived they saw that the house was lighted, because some men were in the house. When they went away Mark and Reggie went in the house and found the Senator's body.

Mark and Reggie TOLD the FBI what was happened.

Mark met his family in the private room of the FBI and they decided to move to another city, to have new names, a new job and a nice place to live. Mark asked to Reggie if she could come, but she said that she can't and that she will miss Mark.

When Mark and his family were away Reggie told to the FBI where the body was hidden.


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