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Lord of the flies. William Golding


Lord of the flies.

William Golding

"Lord of the flies" is the most famous book wrote by William Golding who won in 1983 the Nobel Prize for literature.

"Lord of the flies" talks about a group of Britis 626j97g h boys that after an air crash during a world war arrived on a desert island. At the beginning the boys tried to create a democratic society where the younger are free to play on the beach and the older had to work hard for the group's survival. The older were divided into hunters and keepers of the fire which was necessary to alert ships of theirs presence in the island. But the older began to argue and the hunters' group and the keepers' group stopped to work together and divided into two tribes that were enemies.

The situation worsened and on the island started a war. At the end, after several victims, a ship found the island and saved the boys who never talk about their adventure with anyone.

This book show the pessimistic Golding's idea of the humanity: he is usually represent men with a phrase: «Man produces the evil as bees produce honey».


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