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The novel begins in the early 1800. A young woman arrives at a workhouse in a small town north of London here she gives birth to a boy and then dies. The child is given the name Oliver Twist and is put into a workhouse orphanage until the age of nine, when he's transferred to the workhouse itself. Here all the young boys are poorly fed. One of the episod 818e47i e of this novel takes place at meal time in the large stone hall in which the boys are fed, in fact each boy has only one dish and no more, so they are so hungry that hell a council in which they decide who should walk up to the master to ask more food, and it fell to Oliver. He thus ask for more food and the reactions to his request are underline by the author who wants to point out that Oliver is consider to be a criminal because he spokes up against authority. Finally Oliver is imprisoned and will be sell for five pounds.


Born after his father's death, D C spends some years with his mother and the devoted servant Clara Pegotty but then the marriage of his mother with Mr Murdstone and the arrive into the house of his sister Miss Murdstone brings a change into his life. David is soon sent to a boarding school near London and when his mother dies of a broken heart he's sent to work in London, he's only ten and fortunately for him he finds lodgings with the Micawber family. David likes them very much and is sorry when they are sent to debtor's prison. Alone again, David seeks help whit his great-ount Betsey Trotwood; she takes care of him and sends him to an excellent school in Canterbury, she also helps him find lodgings with Mr Wickfield, a lawyer who lives with is young daughter Agnes. David decides to became lawyer but early he realise that he doesn't like law and begins to write poetry, his first book is a great success. When his wife dies he realises that he has always loved Agnes Wickfield, so the two got married and David becomes a famous writer.


That's a novel of social protest which attack utilitarianism. It is set in Coketown, an invented industrial city in northern England in the middle 1800's. Coketown has the characteristic of real factory towns like Manchester. Dickens shows his humour describing the monotony and the sadness of this city where buildings were of poor quality and usually built in industrial working-class areas and where things appeared to be all like one another. In Coketown Mr Gradgrind runs a school where education is strictly functional, arts and literature are totally excluded and for children there is no imagination because they must learn nothing but facts. Mr G is austern and sever, a man of realities and calculation, and from his figure we can understand how rigid the Victorian education was.


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