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Rhyme: one of  the functions of rhyme is to estabilish a connection between two or more words; a poem's rhyme scheme is identified by the letters of the alphabet with the same letters a 252i88c ttributed to rhyming lines.

Stanzas or verses: griups of lines which are usually defined by their rhyme-scheme:

  • The couplet (two lines)
  • The tercet (three lines)
  • The quatrain (four lines)

Verse paragraphs: these can be of varying length and are typical of the structure of blank verse.

Caesura its another tecnique often used by poets which creates a pause in the middle of a line.

Figures of speech are often used by poets in their compositions, yet it must be said that they can be found very often in a day-to-day conversation.

A simile is a figure of speech that creates a comparison between two elements. Usually it is express with like or as.

Metaphor litterally means 'the trasfer of a word from its literal meaning'. A metaphor can be in the form of a noun an adjective an adverb or even a verb.


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