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Dr Faustus


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Dr Faustus

When Faustus was a boy he was so intelligent and ambitious that he was later sent to the University at Wittenberg. There, he became 'Dr' Faustus. He soon knew almost everything about law, medicine and logic, but he was not satisfied. Even the Bible did not console him because, according to the Bible, we are all sinners and so we must all go to hell, or at least this was Faustus' interpretation. So, Faustus decided he wanted to study black magic. He invited two of this friends who knew about black magic, to dinner. They gave Faustus a book that contained many magic spells. When Cornelius and Valdes left, Faustus drew a circle and other signs on the floor and then some spells out loud. A horribl 414j91e e devil then appeared, but Faustus told him to come back in the form of Franciscan friar. The devil left and then returned. It was Mephostophilis. Faustus thought he had summoned this devil, but Mephostophilis explained that devils appear when they hear someone cursing God. Mephostophilis also explained to Faustus that Lucifer and all the other devils were once angels, but, because of pride, they had rebelled against God and were then thrown out of heaven. After these explanations Faustus told Mephostophilis that he wanted to make an agreement with Lucifer. For twenty-four years Mephostophilis would serve him, doing everything that Faustuss wanted, and then, at the end of this period, Faustus' soul would belong to Lucifer. Mephostophilis said that he would go and ask Lucifer. He than left Faustus who thought about all the wonderful things he would do.

As Faustus was thinking about all the power he would have with Mephostophilis as his servant, a good angel and a bad angel appeared to Faustus. The good angel told Faustus not to continue with black magic, but the bad angel told Faustus to go forward because he would soon be rich and famous. Faustus himself knew that by continuing he was turning away from God, but he preferred to go on. Then Mephostophilis returned and told him that Lucifer had said yes. First, though, they must draw up the contract and Faustus must sign it in his own blood. Now that they an agreement, Faustus bega to ask Mephostophilis question. One of Faustus' first questions was about hell: he wanted to know where it was. Mephostophilis explained that hell is everywhere where people suffer. Faustus though, did not believe him. He said that hell was just a fable. Then Faustus asked for a wife, but Mephostophilis told him not to think about wives. Instead, Mephostophilis would bring him all the beautiful women he wanted. So Faustus' first days were wonderful. They travelled together and Mephostophilis provided him with all sorts of wonderful entertainment. However, Faustus became unhappy because he continued to have doubts. Then the good angel appeared too and told Faustus that it was impossible for him to do so. Faustus did not know what to do but he still wanted to experience the great pleasures that Mephostophilis could give him. So Faustus did not repent and stayed with Mephostophilis, who decided to show Faustus something entertaining: he brought in the Seven Deadly Sins. After these moments of doubt Mephostophilis took Faustus on a tour of the universe and of many important cities. They finally arrived in Rome at the papal palace of Pope Adrian. Pope Adrian had just captured his German rival, Pope Bruno, and was going to have a feast to celebrate. Faustus was happy to go to this feast because he could try out his new powers. At the feast, he had Mephostophilis appeared in he form of Cardinals and smuggled away the prisoner, Pope Bruno. Then during the feast itself, Faustus became invisible and played all sorts of tricks on Pope Adrian. After the feast Faustus and Mephostophilis returned to Wittenburg to see Charles V, the Emperor. Faustus performed great magic tricks for him, such as making Alexander the Great appear. Faustus also played a trick on one of the Emperor's knights, Benvolio: he made horns appear on his head. This knight became furious and tried to seek revenge on Faustus. He and some other knights attacked Faustus and Benvolio cut off Faustus' head. But Faustus, who could not be killed during this twenty-four period, stood up without a head before the terrified knights. From then on, Faustus continued playing tricks on people and performing magic with the rich and powerful. He tricked a poor horse-dealer by selling him a horse that turned into straw when it rode over water. The horse-dealer then attacked Faustus while he was sleeping and pulled his leg, but the leg came off in his hands. Faustus also showed a duke and duchess a floating castle and asked Mephostophilis to bring the duchess, who was pregnant, some grapes from a warm part of the world. But the twenty-four year period was coming to an end and Faustus became sad. He returned to Wittenberg. Even there, he performed magic tricks for the scholars, such as bringing forth Helen of Troy. Still, Faustus could not forget that he must soon die and go to hell. Then a old man appeared to Faustus and told him to repent. It seemed that it was still possible. But Faustus was a victim of the worst sin of all, desperation, and once again he did not repent. Faustus, though, asked for one more favour from Mephostophilis: he wanted Helen of Troy as his lover. She appeared and they kissed. This kiss was so strong that it literally took Faustus' soul away. So it was that at midnight exactly, the twenty-four-year period would end. Faustus had already prepared his will and was ready to die. Some scholars came to help him, but Faustus told them that there was nothing to be done. The scholars left Faustus and waited outside his study, praying for his soul. As the clock wax striking midnight, Faustus called to God for help. He asked God to condemn him for a hundred thousand years but then to save him. But it was too late. At midnight Lucifer and his devils entered the study. A few hours later, the scholars entered the study. A few hours later, the scholars entered the study and found Faustus torn to pieces.


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