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Ireland - DRILLS


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Ireland is divided into two parts: Northern Ireland, or Ulster with its capital town Belfast, and the Irish Free State, or Eire, independent since 1922, with Dublin as capital town.

Ireland is a country of great beauty, with green pastures and silvery lakes. It is called the "Emerald Isle" on account of its green fields.

The national emblem of Ireland is the shamrock, because St. Patrick used it to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity to the heathen Celts. For the Irish are not Anglo-Saxon at all: they are a Celtic people who love music, dances and songs.

There are lots of nice legends and stories in the Irish folklore: most of them are about the "little people": elfs, tiny faires and leprechauns: the gnomes who make shoes for the faires and know where treasures are hidden.

If you visit Blarney castle, some day, you may meet some of them.

In Blanrney Castle there is also a magic stone: whoever kisses it, will have "the art of flattery and of telling lies without blushing .".

Now, why is Ireland the country of fairy-tails? Probably the reason for this is to be found in its Celtic origins, to which legends and myths owe so much of their magic. Or also, on account of its vast moors, its forests and the melancholic atmosphere which is so particularly felt in this lovely country.

Two languages are spoken in Ireland: Gaelic and English, but Gaelic the old language of Celts is spoken by only old people who love their traditions and only in the west and south-west of Ireland, while English is now spoken everywhere.


What is Northern Ireland called?

What is the Irish Free State called?

What language is spoken in some parts of Ireland, beside English?

What does the legend say about the leprechauns?


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