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When we talk about a serial killer we usually think of a man.

Men have always killed because of the anger, the ambition, rivalry, gambling losses, excessive drinking, on commission, after a defeat.

The reasons that can push a woman to kill are usually different from the men ones.

In the past, besides some cases of perversion or money reasons, women killed mainly to solve in an extreme way a problem they had to coexist with.

During the Victorian age, for example, the most widespread motive was the wish to get rid of their husband, because they usually were unfaithful and possessive men.

But nowadays there are more motives compared to the past: acohol or drugs abuse, control, sex, enjoyment but on the first place we find money reason. They adopt many ways to kill: shooting, suffocation, stabbing, drowning but the most common one is the poisoning, used by the 80% of the female serial killers, maybe because, in quotation marks, is the cleanest one.

Crimes committed by female serial killers can be divided into some categories:

Black Widows usually begin their criminal career after age 25 and then they start a decade or longer cycle of systematically killing spouses, partners, family members and anyone with whom they develop a personal relationship.

Poison is the preferred weapon of choice.

Angels of death operate in a localized setting, typically a nursing home, hospital, or other place where death is a regular occurrence. In such places, murder can be easily disguised and there is easy access to all sorts of medical equipment and supplies.

The killer enjoys the power of selecting who will live or die.

Revenge killers are driven by a deep and strong anger, bordering upon the pathological and their victims are family members or they may symbolic, of an offending organization.

Revenge killers are sometimes careless and demonstrate a lack of planning, maybe because they're too emotionally involved.

Profit killers manage organzations that provide killers available for hire if someone wants to have their spouse or business competitor murdered.

They are considered to be the most intelligent, resourceful, and careful serial killers.

They use a variety of methods to kill, and are highly dispassionate about the murders they commit.

Team killers come in 3 forms:

male female teams,

female teams,

family teams.

The male female team is the most common, and the crimes are often sexual in nature.

For all three categories of team killers, the average victim count is 15, and a variety of methods are used, including guns and knifes.

Insane killers who are female are few in number. Angel of Death offenders are most capable of launching a successful insanity defence, especially if the psychological disorder is Munchausen syndrome, a psychiatric disorder in which sufferers feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves

In general, however, the insanity defence strategy in a serial killing case is hardly ever successful.

Unexplained killers, when neither themselves nor the authorities can come up with an explanation for why they did it.

In conclusion, we can say that female serial killers strike more than the male ones, because the woman is usually considered as the one that give the life, while in these cases, she takes it away.


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