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COGNOME: __________ ______ ____ NOME: __________ ______ ____ _______

N. Matricola __________ ______ ____ _____Tempo concesso: 50 minuti

Final mark /40


Read the text and choose ONE correct answer for the spaces from those in the answers column .

Boral Ltd.

One of Australia's

Fastest Growing Companies

The Boral Group is one of 1)... suppliers to the building and

constructing , a major force in energy and resources and a powerful performer in 3) ... .

Boral 4) .. since it began trading in 1948 and is now one of Australia's largest and strongest companies. For the last twelve years the group has been expanding fast in the US, the Pacific Basin, Europe and South East Europe so that today 5) .. 22% of Boral's business activities are outside Australia.

Chairman Sir Peter Finley, 6) ... The AGM: 'The company is in a sound 7) .... position with a strong balance sheet and healthy cash flow and turn-over prospects.

We earn our profits from solid assets which are geographically well spread, and the company enjoys very strong customer relations and satisfaction. We are very sensitive to our customers needs.

For investors 8) ..., the most important growth area has been profitability. Boral has recorded increases in profit for the last successive years.

In 1988/89 sales of 9).. $ 3.625 million resulted in a net profit of $ 301 million. Earnings 10) .... share were 42.2 cents.

Our production costs per unit fell 11) ... in 1986 when we automated the assembly line and they continued to 12)... steadily for the next three years.

They reached a 13).... in 1989 when we bought the new packaging machine but 14) 1990 because of the increase in time spent on quality control. We hope to continue the positive trend when we introduce the latest 15) .. next year.


1. a) the b) a c) an d) -

2. a) industry b) farm c) company d) firm

3. a) fabricating b) making c) manufacturing d) producer

4. a) grow b) grew c) has grown d) has growing

5. a) the b) some c) a d) /

6. a) said b) tell c) told d) was telling

7. a) physical b) financial c) economics d) economical

8. a) although b) despite c) in spite of d) however

9. a) up

b) on c) over d) at

10. a) a b) for c) by d) per

11. a) sharply b) rapid c) big d) low

12. a) dropped b) fell c) decrease d) going down

13. a) falling b) lowest c) low point d) dropping point

14. a) raise

b) rise c) rose d) raised

15. a) plant b) develops c) inventors d) implant

Find the word which is closest to the meaning of the word in the text

'AGM' (line 9) means a) Advanced Genetic Modification b) Annual Graphic Meeting c) Annual General Meeting d) Additional Green Measures

cash flow' (line 11) means a) debts b) credits c) invested money d) available monetary resources

18. 'assets''(line 12) means a) income b) capital c) productive units d) advantages

19. 'sensitive' (line 14) means a) conscious b) closed c) reactive d) sensible

trend (line 26) means a) development b) fashion c) new model d) line

Are these sentences true (T) or false (F) or not indicated (N) according to the text?

True (T) or False (F)

21. ( ) Boral is a single company.

22. ( ) The US market is the biggest single market for Boral

23. ( ) In 1989 Boral made more than $ 3.625 million after tax.

24. ( ) 1989 was the worst year for unit costs.

25. ( ) Quality Control was introduced in Boral in 1990.


Put the verbs into the correct forms.

Every year Ian Brown _________ compete) in the London Marathon. He ___________ begin) competing in 1994 and since then he ____________(raise) over 36,000 for charity. He first ____________ become) interested in running when he met Fiona Wells, a famous long-distance runner. They ____________ know) each other for 6 years now.



Write the questions for the following answers . (2 points each)

I've been there just once, in 1998.

2 _

It's about 6 kilometres away.

There's only a little in the photocopier.

No, I'm just looking, thanks.

I'd give it to the police.


1a 2a 3c 4c 5d 6c 7b 8d 9c 10d 11a 12c 13c 14c 15a 16c 17d 18c 19a 20a 21F 22F 23F 24F 25F

26 competes 27 began 28 has raised 29 became 30 have known

Part C

1 Have you ever been to London?

2. How far is it to Rezzato?

3. How much paper is there (in the photocopier)?

4. Can I help you?

5. What would you do if you found a wallet in the street?


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